Corporate Incentives - Travel .... One of the most powerful incentives, offering long lasting memory value - we can make it special


Various incentives can be offered to motivate staff, dealers or stockists to achieve set targets or performance levels. One of the most powerful incentives is travel, which unlike cash bonuses, offers long lasting memory value. The travel incentive has to be something ‘special’ and not just a holiday picked out of a package brochure. It has to be a special experience which people will never forget and something they could not normally afford to do or replicate. 



Working in conjunction with our network of overseas agents, we can offer exciting and motivational travel incentives, which those fortunate enough to participate in, will remember for years to come. These incentives can be linked to the overall marketing strategy and can take on a particular theme if necessary.


Our services include:-

Sourcing the venue to match the participants.
§ Planning and organising the incentive programme incorporating the “Wow Factor”.
§ Launching the event to participants
§ Designing and printing the incentive material for mailing
§ Teaser mailings to keep up the momentum.
§ Update mailings/league tables mailed to individuals at home or at a work location.
§ Special receptions and check-in arrangements on departure.
§ PLG Marketing escort throughout the programme.
§ Fully manned Hospitality Suite at the venue during the stay.
§ Promotional clothing, i.e. T-shirts with Company Logo.
§ Arrangements for participants travelling from countries outside the UK.
§ Extension stay packages for participants after the event

Transactions for overseas events incorporating flights are in conjunction with our established Travel Agency Associates, who hold the necessary Air Travel Operators License (ATOL), offering financial protection to travellers.